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 First Time Renters?

 Here's some information hopefully you find helpful when making your decision of  becoming a first time SpringTown Homes Renter.

 It's time to pack up for your first apartment...NOW WHAT??
 Here's a helpful list of items to pack last and keep handy...they're the things you'll  need to get to first and frequently.

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  Extension cords, batteries.
  Everything's electric these days it seems. Computers, CD   players, your Walkman, all those little gizmos you just can't seem to live without.
  So it just makes sense to keep that extension cord or pack of new batteries right on top   and within easy reach.
  Tools. We're talking hammers and screwdrivers, nails and screws, scotch tape, duct tape   and especially, a tape measure.
  A bottle opener and glasses. Thirst always seems to come first——particularly if you   have to lug that stuff by yourself. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared.
  Snack, pizza or fast food coupons.
You're going to work up a hunger so think about   treating yourself to a quick bite or a night out at Mickey D's.
  Address book or PDA.
Keep those important telephone numbers handy.
  Cell phone or regular telephone
with plug - put these within easy reach. There's always   potential for an emergency.

  Sufficient cash.
Duh...but if you're opening a new bank account you may have to wait for   your first check to clear. Traveler's checks wouldn't hurt either.
  A copy of your lease and personal ID
,such as a driver's license. And speaking of   banking, if you're starting a new checking account (or applying for utilities service) you'll   need proof of your new address too.
  Cleaning materials.
Especially paper towels - accidents do happen.
  Light bulbs, a small lamp (perhaps a flashlight). It may be dark when you finally move in.
  Alarm clock.
You don't want to miss your first day at school, right?
  Box cutter. Don't pack this puppy at all! It's the first thing you'll need to open your   packages.

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    Moving Day Checklist
Planning the move has been difficult enough-don't get bogged down with the final details.
    To ease the stress of moving day, be sure to print out this Check List.

Finish last-minute cleaning.

Take the garbage out.

Turn off the water heater and set the thermostat to 55 degrees.

Plan ahead for what you'll need the first day after your move. Packing a separate bag with your toiletries, a change of   clothes, etc. will avoid unnecessary scrambling or a run to the local store.

Finish all last-minute packing.

Notify a close friend or relative of your itinerary in case of emergency.

Meet with the apartment manager or landlord and do a final walk-through of the apartment. Get a copy of the apartment   inspection and damage report for your records.

Keep a flashlight handy in case you arrive at your new place after dark.

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     Moving Yourself

Pick up the truck bright and early (or even the day before).

Make sure it has a full tank of gas.

Do an inspection of the vehicle in order to not any body damage prior to your rental.

Get contact information for the rental business-you never know what might happen during your move.

Buy any last minute furniture covers, pads, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

Buy a padlock to secure the door of the truck (if it does not have another lock).

Buy a map or get directions to your new home.

Make an inventory list of what items are in which boxes. This is accomplished by numbering the boxes and labelling   which room the items belong in.

When packing the truck, make sure the items you'll need first are loaded in last (i.e. kids toys, kitchen items, telephone     and radio) to make access easier.

Use common sense when loading your truck by keeping in mind the size, sturdiness, and weight of your boxes.

Return the truck with the same amount of gas as it had when you rented it.

Do another inspection to insure you will not be charged for any damage that you did not cause.

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     Using Professional Movers

Check the mover's inventory to be sure that you agree with the mover's judgment on the condition of your household   goods. Take photographs if there is a dispute.

Make sure you get a copy of the inventory.

Load items you are taking with you on the trip, including luggage.

Search every room before the van leaves.

Check the Bill of Lading for completeness before you sign it. Retain a copy for your records.

Record the van driver's name and give him contact numbers at the destination. Confirm directions to the new residence   with your driver.

Check the condition of each carton and household item as it is unloaded. List all missing or damaged items on the     inventory form.

Since you will probably do some unpacking after the movers leave, make a note on the inventory form "subject to    inspection for loss or concealed damage".

Get to your new home before the movers. There could be a waiting charge if you are late.